7.07.2020 Overcast!


Tuesday 7th 08.00 55/55F. Bright start but soon became overcast. Nice prom at 11 o'clock.[NE] 

Pale patches and dark smudges on Gong Ha. Just caught the prom in a brief gap in the clouds. The video was just noise. Giving up for today unless there is a major change in the weather.

Wednesday 8th 8.00 56F, Another bright start but with plates of cloud crossing blue skies from the west.

8.15. Typical! I was all set up but it has clouded over again. Large areas of blue but not near the sun.

8.30. Half an hour now and only a brief glimpse of surface features so far. Enough to synchronize Skychart and focus. I might as well find something more productive to do.

15.20 Back to brief sunshine and even more cloud!

The AWR drive system keeps cutting out. The IH2 keeps going off resetting. While the fan in the resistor box is also cutting out. I have checked the PS and all the connecting plugs. No obvious problems. Reading 12.1VDC. I have swapped main cables to see if that triggers anything. No other mains operated items in the observatory are misbehaving. The monitor is fine and not showing any cut-outs.

I don't know why I'm bothering with imaging. There is far more cloud than blue gaps. The clearances can be counted in mere seconds per hour.