2.10.2022 Solar H-alpha Imaging. AR3110, 3113 & 3112


Sunday 2nd 50-53F. Became sunny.  Seeing conditions poorly transparent and thermally shaky. Weather arriving from the WNW.

First capture 9.55.

10.56 AR3110 This large and very complex spot group remains active as it heads for the western limb. 

According to SpaceWeather.com the group on the lower left have been assigned their own AR number AR3113. [AR: Active Region]

 11.06 AR3112 Another complex spot group. Leaving the eastern limb to cross the sun. Showing a lots of flaring from first visibility coming around the limb. Difficult to capture well.

11.46 Still trying. The limb disappears into the darkness if I push ImPPG too hard.

I have been advised to try a focal reducer. To try and tame the variable brightness and tune across the frame.

The LUNT 60mm MT etalon is designed for an F7 converging beam. I am using an F10. So a positive lens, placed just in front of the etalon, should better match its optical needs for best performance. Duly ordered.

12.00 Cloud crossing the sun. Increasing in volume and speed.


15.34 AR3112 [CET] Momentarily better seeing. I had just hung a white sack out of the bottom of the slit to block solar heating of the area below the optical path. Flaring in the east of the group.







16.22 Still here. Still hoping for better seeing conditions. Back to AR3110 to check the seeing. Still poor. No longer able to focus sharply. I focus back and forth until it seems least smudgy. Note the lack of bristles and fine texture.




16.45 The sun is approaching the trees in the west. 


16.52 Last image for today. There are two light bridges across the largest spot.  One very fine and the other much broader.






16.55 The sun has gone behind the trees.