Geo-Dome.Co.UK Trapezium Dome Calculator.


Quite unexpectedly, while searching for an online dome gore calculator, I found this on the Geo-Dome.Co.UK website:


Trapezium dome design

By the most amazing coincidence the website offered an online trapezium dome calculator requiring only the radius of the dome as input. It doesn't care whether you choose meters or feet as long as the builder remembers which.

To add to the unbelievable level of usefulness the calculator had already chosen a dome with 16 gores by four segments high. Precisely the same specifications I had planned to use for my own dome! 👍

It then "printed out" the data for the struts to build a trapezium dome skeleton:

Geo-Domes UK's main area of interest seems to be geodesic dome and building construction. They offer plans, kits and the erection of greenhouse domes. The number of instructional YouTube videos is quite remarkable. The proprietor obviously wants to popularize geodesic construction.


Some basic information:

'X' applies to the base ring strut lengths.
AND, all of the vertical strut lengths.

'A' is the next ring up,

'B & C' refer to the rings above A respectively.

A glance at the panel plans [below right] will clearly show what the terms X,A,B &C refer to.

The pole is the point where all the top triangles come together. All the other panels are trapeziums.

Important Note: The dimensions shown here are the output from the Geo-dome Trapezium Dome Calculator with an input of 160. This is the radius of my own 320cm [10'6"] diameter dome. This diameter should ensure rain is safely shed outside the octagon building which supports the dome.

I am most grateful to Geo-Dome.Co.UK for their helpful online calculators and wished I had learned of the website's existence earlier.  I searched for days just for an image of a trapezium dome but somehow missed this useful website until now. I must have been using the wrong search terms. "Trapezium dome" unlocks more avenues to explore.

Click on any image for an enlargement. 

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