Detour: Spring [glue] clamps comparison and more DeWalt junk!

As can be seen in the image my Bessey spring clamps have finally arrived. Though made in the PRC, like most others, these are actually very pleasant to use. The grippy rubber on the straight sided handles makes them very easy to grip and press. Far superior to the polished plastic of Rawlink clamps the Besseys open and close easily without hand cramps setting in.  Nor one's hands sliding automatically and inexorably towards the pivots where no leverage is possible!

The jaws are slightly shorter than the handles on the Bessey Clippix. Which provides some extra leverage. I can't be certain of the pressured applied at the jaws without proper testing. Small, thin digital scales? I don't have any.

None of the Bessey jaws have fallen off yet. Unlike the crappy green and black Rawlink ones which I bought first. Which lose their bright green, pivoting jaws at the slightest whim. I have wasted quite some time searching in grass for these after discovering a jaw was missing.  Leading to the likelihood of seriously damaged surfaces when clamping without a jaw. Don't waste your money on the green and black Rawlink clamps. I have large, slim hands but still find the Rawlink clamps very difficult to use due to the reasons mentioned above.

I suppose I could slip some narrow, bicycle inner tube off-cuts over the handles for more grip. Though that wouldn't keep the jaws in place. These rely on the precision of the simple moulded clips in the jaws. Which are badly formed on some of the clamps I bought. Probably due to pushing the moulding dies well beyond their natural working life to save money on tooling. Followed by poor inspection routines by dissatisfied or bored production workers.

I'm guessing, of course, but that's exactly what it looks like to me. Why even bother to make something in the first place if the design and production qualities are as crappy as this?

Talking of which: The expensive, DeWalt reversible chuck with pilot drills, countersinks and drivers is proving quite a problem. One holder has such a wobble that it is virtually unusable! The tip of one pilot drill has been ground so wrongly that it doesn't even drill softwood!

Just getting the kit out of the case is very hard work. I've tried sliding and I've tried levering and I've tried both. Keep taking the money and churning out Chinese crap, DeWalt. It's only your reputation at stake for overpriced junk, after all ! 

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